Ian Johnson

President and C.E.O. of CTI Forensics Corporation.

CTI Forensics was founded on the vision of Ian Johnson.

Hailing from the residential and commercial building inspection field, and specializing in thermal imagery, Ian saw the use of UAV's as a natural progression in the thermal imagery business. Being encouraged by FLIR, the manufacturer of our thermal imaging cameras, he was directed towards using UAV's for commercial roof inspections. Ian then recognized the untapped potential of thermal imagery via UAV's and incorporated CTI Forencics Corporation. Being licensed to fly in Canada by Transport Canada, and the USA by the Federal Aviation Authority, has provided the opportunity to engage in flying greenhouse operations, conduct white tail deer surveys, fly wind turbines and solar panels, as well as perform commercial and residential aerial inspections. CTI Forensics has been called upon to provide aerial high definition video services to many real estate agents and local businesses for their promotional materials.

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